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Dear Friends & Neighbors,

The summer months are so appealing to all of us living in Colorado. Hot, dry weather, blue skies, mountain hikes, cool evenings. The real estate market is less active this time of year as I have mentioned many times in my Focus letters. We will see an upswing of activity towards the end of August.

But I would like to discuss sewer lines now! Years ago, in the 80’s an 90’s, no one had sewer lines videoed to determine the condition. They only did it when a homeowner noticed a problem. Today, it is rare that a buyer doesn’t pay to have the sewer videoed as part of the inspection.

We see so many questionable practices (putting it mildly) in the sewer repair business. When working with sellers, many times they will provide us with an invoice for work they  had done before we were representing them, and we are appalled at what they paid. They were ripped off.

First, only have the sewer line cleaned out or videoed by a reputable company that DOESN’T REPAIR SEWER LINES!! That is a huge issue we constantly see. There are several excellent companies that only “scope” or video the line and make repair recommendations. Too many companies do both and some dishonest ones invent problems that don’t exist in order to provide the repair service. They then bill an outrageous sum. By this, I mean thousands more than they should.

Second, get a recommendation for a repair company from your Realtor, or a reputable Realtor in your area if you are looking at repair work. In some cases it is smart to get two bids, especially if you are not working with a Realtor.

When the Erb/Steelman Team represents a seller, we often recommend they hire an expert we know is reputable and skilled to do a second “scope” to compare to the one done by the buyer’s sewer video company, especially when that company does both the video and repairs. Many times we have shown the buyer that their report is in error and no repairs are necessary, saving the seller thousands of dollars.

Let us help you with selling or just with good advice. We are in the business of protecting your interests. Happy Summer!

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